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Telling the story with  

pen and pulpit.

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Latest Releases

“Daniel Overdorf provides a simple, step-by-step process of sermon development, all the while keeping in mind the sacred responsibility of each preacher to stand weekly at the Sacred Desk. Preachers will appreciate the clarity of the sermon process as suggested and modeled, along with the resources provided in each chapter. Clearly written and winsomely developed, this book will serve any preacher who wants to move from biblical text to sermon."


- Scott M. Gibson -


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"A Death Well Lived speaks clearly and boldly to making the choice to follow Christ in extreme situations. Overdorf brings to life the struggles of belief for a Roman centurion who witnesses the miracles of Jesus, and shows how that ripple in the water changes his life and the lives of those closest to him."

- Cindy K. Sproles -

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“I couldn’t put it down. It is so useful and practical and is the result of years and years of preaching and actually learning how to practice each of these 52 exercises.”

- Scot McKnight -


“My family and I enjoy our church. Each Sunday we leave refreshed and fulfilled; or, when needed, convicted and motivated. The community thrives throughout the week on service, encouragement, and prayer.  Nevertheless, while sitting with my wife in 'our' pew on Sunday mornings, I occasionally wonder what thoughts would pass through Jesus’ mind if He sat next to us. 'Jesus,' I’d relish the opportunity to ask, 'what do you intend for us?"" (from the Introduction).

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